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October 23, 2009


Beth McClure

Thanks, Amy. These look fabulous!


Wow, what great pictures. I love the family shot by the train... and both of the kid's personalities have been so accurately (and beautifully) captured in these great action shots.

Glee Papczynski

What wonderful pictures - These are the family photos everyone needs - real life photos - Maisie is sooooo cute - Toby is so . . . TOBY!! Amy you did a wonderful job with these photos! Thanks from a Grandma!


I love them, Especially the ones of Toby jumping and the whole family in front of the train. I cant wait to see more!


love 'em! Beth, you look smokin' and I'm as in love with Toby as ever after that jump photo. Perfect to be by the trains.


These photos are excellent! The artistry is top notch and the subjects are most attractive. Well done.

Suzie Baerst

It is obvious that everyone had fun doing this. The photographer did a wonderful job capturing their joy and happiness.


Wow! Gorgeous photos! I love the setting(s) that were chosen and the idea of just going with the flow and taking the photos naturally as you move along.


Good work on the outfits Beth, they ended up working great! You guys look beautiful! I love the pics. Amy, great work once again!! You captured both kiddos perfectly. I can't wait to see the rest if this is how well the sneak peeks turned out.

Eileen Sudela

Such fun and beautiful family photos! Very creative approach.

Tim Felt

Very nice indeed!

Bob falbeck

what awesome photos. The train is fantastic!

Carl Baerst

Great photos! How high off the ground was Toby when he jumped?


Such a beautiful family. Maisie is getting so big and I love her curls. Looks like Toby keeps you on your toes. Great job.


I agree that the outfits came together quite nicely. I love these photos... so great!


Great photos, and the outfits--FABULOUS! Gus said COOL!...they're walking on RR tracks! Tell Toby, as his uncle found out the other day, people are not as impressed with that last pose when you're a grown-up.

These photos make me homesick to see all of you. The photographer captured Toby's energy and Maisie's curiosity and sweetness. What a happy family!

Dana Dhaliwal

Great shots, these are exactly the moments you want to freeze forever.


Great photos Amy. You really captured the essence of Toby with the jump shot and Toby-on-his-head photos. The family shot is just fabulous.


Fabulous photos of a fantastic family! Thanks so much for sharing :)


What a beautiful family! And such artistic photos. I just love the sweet Maisie, the energetic Toby, and the family train shot.


Wonderful photos!!! Wish Amy could come to Georgia to take some pics of our family. What a great memory to have!!!


wowowowowoow. these pix capture you guys very well. thanks for sharing!

Susan Baerst

Many thanks, Amy Jester, for your wonderful photographs. They are so candid and in the moment that I could hear Toby's excited voice and Seth's remonstrations. Can't wait to see everyone next weekend!


Great pics! Nice job capturing their energy!

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