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    Thank you for sharing this - Math books are something Max's library is sorely lacking, and I intend to remedy this.

    Max has also enjoyed the Magic Treehouse series, particularly the Merlin Missions, but we never bought many owing to Garrett's inexplicable resentment of Mary Pope Osbourne.

    Of course, you know Captain Underpants was Max's #1 choice last year, and he has read and re-read all the Dave Pilkey books (I also enjoyed them a great deal). Based on that, we picked up "Wiley and Grandpa's Creature Features", which he devoured. He's also enjoyed Andrew Clements' "Jake Drake" series, Dan Gutman's "My Weird School" series, and Tony Abbott's "The Secrets of Droon" series. He's also pretty excited about "Stink " by Megan McDonald and, the Hardy Boys series, and the "BeastQuest" Series. If Ben really liked "Magic Treehouse", you might really check out Droon or BeastQuest. Also, has he read Susan Cooper's "The Magician's Boy"? It's easy, but pretty cool.

    I picked up "The Boxcar Children" the other day, but put it back for another book. Would you recommend it?

    With all this, you can see we definitely need to throw in some good math books. Again, thanks for the rec.

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